Cinema Beauté was established in 1990. Its founder is an innovator in the industry and has been featured in television segments on CNN worldwide and ABC NY news, as well as in publications such as Glamour, New Woman, Fit, Mirabella, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle and American Demographics, just to name a few. Initially, Cinema Beauté products were formulated to meet the needs of professional makeup artists, high profile models and performers on the Broadway stage.

The demand for Cinema Beauté products flourished. Cinema Beauté launched an entire range of cosmetics in 1997 and debuted the range in major department stores in the USA.

Cinema Beauté has attracted a following of makeup artists, TV personalities, models and actresses. Our products have been used in films, award shows, theatrical productions, photos shoots and on model runways.

Cinema Beauté’s vast array of premium quality, professional, high fashion, versatile cosmetic products are made in the USA. All products are formulated with long staying power to hold up under the lights of stage, movies studios, TV and are excellent for use in all climate conditions.

Cinema Beauté’s cosmetics are designed for women consumers of all skin tones, craving to make a strong beauty statement as well as achieving the same Hollywood movie star looks. It should also be noted, we have the capabilities and cosmetic expertise to customize colors and create innovative cosmetic products exclusively to meet the needs of the Distributors’ marketplace.

Cinema Beauté offers women the luxury to transform basic daytime looks into dramatic evening looks with a stroke of a brush!

Since 2002 Cinema Beauté has dedicated its energies to working as a team in export marketplaces.